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Find Unlikely Allies in Asia's Youth Development Ecosystem

Grab a Coffee

If LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professional growth, and TikTok for zany videos, where might you go to find like-minded people who are passionate about youth development? That's how Grab a Coffee was born.

Welcome to AVPN's Grab a Coffee, a Community Hub for impact practitioners within the AVPN Network who are empowering young people! Here, you can grab a coffee with young impact leaders, youth funders, and capacity builders to exchange knowledge and forge collaborations along the way! 

This is a practitioner-driven space for you to meet unlikely allies turned potential partners. Take charge of the connections you make and make things happen!

Read on to learn more about how you can connect and learn from others, and take action to further youth development in Asia!

How to Participate

1. Sign-up with us and create your profile!

2. Decide if you’d like to seek resources, share resources, or both!
See what it means to be a Seeker and/or Giver below.

3. Find and connect with our community of practitioners

4. Grab a coffee with your connection, offline or online!

Join as a Seeker!

  • Seekers are practitioners mainly looking to learn from others in the community
  • You may be starting out your own impact journey and gain fresh perspectives

Join as a Giver!

  • Givers are practitioners looking to share their knowledge and experience with others
  • You may be looking to demonstrate your knowledge and thought leadership on youth development

Join as Both!

  • Everyone wears multiple hats. We can give of our resources/ collaborate with others, and also look out for new perspectives
  • Join as both a Seeker and Giver and make the best of both worlds!

The fundamental law of human beings is interdependence. A person is a person through other persons. - Nobel Peace Laureate & Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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